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Whether you're doing spring cleaning, readying your home for the winter, selling your house and want to enhance it's value, or maybe you have just noticed how dirt has made your window more noticeable than the landscape it's supposed to frame. Whatever the reason, A1 Home Helper is there for your window washing needs.


This work includes the washing of all exterior windows as well as wiping the sill. The window edges are wiped off with a lint free hand towel after washing, to insure no water spots exist on the window edges. A cleaning fluid consisting of water, ammonia and detergent is used to clean the windows resulting in a clean, streak free window. If a few paint specks exist on the window, they will be removed at no added cost to you. Window screens can be washed as well for an extra charge as noted below. Existing window staining will not be removed with this service.


Provide access to your home as necessary. Identify location of workable faucet. Remove the screens. We can do this or help you with this as long as the screens or in decent operating condition.

Customer Cost

Home Size Price
Single-Story Home (up to 15 windows or 30 panes) $70
Two-Story Home (ladder required, up to 25 windows or
50 panes)

Extras Price
Large Homes - Call for Estimate  
Sunrooms - call for estimate  
Wash All Screens add $30 - $50
Skylights (Will be done at no extra charge if easily accessible.) -

Note: If you have an older house with older windows an estimate may have to be given. Confused? Give me call and we can discuss your project.



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Note: Within the next week after the order is placed, you will be contacted via text, email, or phone call to set up a specific time to perform the work and to answer any questions. None of the above information will be used for anything except to set up this service.