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As you know, we live in an arid climate that requires irrigation to support plant growth. Additionally, the winters can be quite cold and frost penetrates deep into the soil. The water must be evacuated from your sprinkler system lines to prevent freezing and subsequent expensive repairs. A1 Home Helper is there for your Sprinkler Blowout needs!


Compressed air will be used to blowout the sprinkler system. Each zone of the sprinkler system will be blown out in a systematic manner ensuring all water is removed from the piping. It is assumed that the homeowner has properly operating sprinkler system.

A minimum amount of air pressure will be used to blowout the water in the lines, while never exceeding 50 psi. A properly operating sprinkler system will handle this degree of pressure. If this pressure does not blowout the residual water or results in damage to the piping or appurtenances, the system is defective and repairs are needed at no cost to A1 Home Helper.


The homeowner explains the layout of the sprinkler system to A-1 Home Helper. The homeowner should have the sprinkler system turned off so no water flows into the system and it should remain off until the following Spring when irrigation resumes. Relax as you are receiving a professional sprinkler blowout service!


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