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Customer Cost

The following rates are the same as in the service descriptions. Prices shown are Customer Cost.


Lawn Mowing Price
Lawn Mowing (most yards* Includes mowing, trimming, edging) $25
Vacation & Bi-Monthly Mowing (most yards)* $35

Lawn Fertilization Price
Lawn Fertilization (most yards*) $35
Lawn Fertilization (with mowing service) $30

Lawn Aeration Price
Lawn Aeration (most yards)* $40
Lawn Aeration (with lawn service) $35

Edging Price
Edging (Free with Lawn Service) $35

Note: Assumes yard is of average size around a ¼ acre (90ft x 120 ft) or less.  If have bigger yard an estimate will be provided.


Sprinkler Repair Price
Sprinkler Repair ($50 minimum/trip plus materials) $50/hr

Sprinkler Startup Price
Sprinkler Startup $50

Sprinkler Winterization Price
Sprinkler Winterization $50

Window Washing

Home Size Price
Single-Story Home (up to 15 windows or 30 panes) $70
Two-Story Home (ladder required, up to 25 windows or 50 panes) $100

Extras Price
Large Homes - Call for Estimate  


Sunrooms - call  
Wash All Screens add $50
Skylights (Will be done at no extra charge if easily accessible.) -

Note: If you have an older house with older windows an estimate may have to be given. Confused? Give me call and we can discuss your project.



Gutter Cleaning Price
Single-Story Home $70
Two- Story Home (ladder required) $90


Miscellaneous Services Price
Miscellaneous Services $35 / hour

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Note: Within the next couple business days after the order is placed, you will be contacted via phone to set up a specific time to perform the work and to answer any questions. None of the above information will be used for anything except to set up this service.