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Clogged gutters can lead to many problems. After a rain, many homes have water pouring out of their gutters in several locations and not down their spouts as designed. This is because of a clogged gutter system. Frequently, this rogue water collects around the foundation of the house and seeps into the basement. Many basement leaks have been remedied through gutter cleanings. Also, due to the sheer weight of the non-draining water and leaves in the gutter, stress is put on the gutter system often resulting in damage. Compounding the problem in the winter months is the formation of ice in the gutter and even more damage is possible. To prevent this damage and expensive repairs to your gutter system, A-1 Home Helper is there for your gutter-cleaning needs!


This work is for cleaning gutters on one and two-story homes. The gutters on three story homes may be able to be cleaned if the home has a low-pitched roof. Service includes removing all gutter debris and flushing the gutter with water. A1 Home Helper will provide the necessary hosing. All debris from the gutters will be removed from the premises and disposed of by A1 Home Helper. The gutters on any garages will be cleaned as well. All landscape altered will be repaired if disturbed.


Provide access to house exterior. Identify location of workable faucet if not obvious. Relax as you can be assured of a professional gutter cleaning service!


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